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April/May 2018
April 19th, 2018 7:20 pm     A+ | a-
I don’t know about spring but I can confirm we have had plenty of April showers (even snow showers!) Let’s hope this is all leading to an amazing long, hot Summer! If the weather forecasters are to be believed there is sunshine coming our way. With this is mind can we ask that you supply a labelled sun hat and sun cream for your child. We will happily store these at nursery for you so you don’t have to keep remembering to pack them.   Here are a few dates for your diaries and some nursery news to keep you up to date with the ‘goings on’ here at Lullabyz. 

Upcoming Events:

23rd April – St George’s Day. The children will be looking at traditional dance, dress and food in England                                 

10th May – Wesak (Buddha’s Birthday). Children will look at celebrations and how other children celebrate such occasions           

30th May-1st June – Shavuot (Jewish Harvest Festival)   The children will have lots of ‘fruity’ activities celebrating the first fruits of the year

13th June – Family BBQ. Everyone is invited to our annual BBQ here at Lullabyz. Tea will be served between 5.30 – 7.00. It is an opportunity to look through your child’s Development Book, chat with staff or simply get to know other parents/families.                 

18th June – Pre-school Pizza and Penalty Shoot out afternoon. A little treat for Father’s day between 4-5pm. We hope you can make it               

25th June – Eid-al-Fitr (end of Ramadam). The children will celebrate this festival of feasting and gift giving.                                

7th July – Nursery Summer Fete. Come and join in lots of fun, games and fundraising at Lullubyz at our annual Summer Fete.

 Nursery News:- 

Our Pre-school Mother’s Day afternoon tea was a great success and it was lovely to see so many mums here, however, we did have a few disgruntled dads so just for them we will be holding a ‘Pizza and Penalty Shoot out’ afternoon for Father’s Day!!!! It will take place on Monday 18th June between 4-5pm.  

We have recently updated our ‘policies and procedures’. These are available for you to read at anytime and are kept in the ‘Parent Pit Stop’
One of these procedures is our Critical Incident Policy, which now includes our ‘lock down procedure’. We practised this procedure with the children last week and it went really well. The children were calmly moved to our allocated room and were completely un-phased by the whole process which is just what we wanted.

Great News – we recently had a Food Standards Agency representative inspect the nursery and we have managed to maintain a Food Hygiene Rating of 5.

You will be pleased to hear that Caitlin (Toddlers) has had a healthy little boy and both mum and son are doing really well. We would like to wish Emma (Preschool) well as she also begins her maternity leave and wait with baited breath for the arrival of another Lullabyz baby.  This leads us neatly on to introduce a new member of staff to our Preschool team – Molly. Molly has joined us from Cylch Meithrin Dewi Sant and so we will be making full use of her Welsh vocabulary. She has settled in really well and has quickly become a member of the team. Bethan Hancock, who is also based in the Pre-school room, has been promoted to deputy head and we hope she enjoys this new challenge. 

The ‘Nursery of the Year Award’ has now closed.  Thanks again for taking the time to vote and have your say. We have been told that there have been a record number of entries from both the UK and Internationally! That is why it was such a surprise to receive the news that LULLABYZ IS A FINALIIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so pleased and it means so much to us as the voting is heavily based on Parental views. We feel a massive sense of achievement because your views have echoed, all that we wish for the nursery and to know we are achieving what we set out to do is accolade enough – very humbling! 

We have recently changed supermarkets. We now receive our weekly shopping from ASDA and so there are a few changes that you need to be aware of. Firstly, some ingredients in certain products do differ slightly and so we have had to change our allergen lists. These have recently been updated and are available on request as well as being displayed in our ‘Parent Pit Stop’. Secondly, the wet wipes we use are now ASDA sensitive baby instead of Tesco. They have also recently sent Johnson’s baby wipes as an alternative. Please make us aware if your child is not allowed to use either of these products so that we can provide an alternative.   Our Preschool children and staff have recently had a visit from the Health Board in relation to a ‘Designed To Smile’ Campaign which encourages the children to clean their teeth correctly. They were very pleased to see that the children were already involved in a regular routine of cleaning their teeth but have provided them with lots of teaching aids so that they can practise the correct  motion of the brush. Sunflower competition – Our Preschool had a great time competing with other nursery’s to grow the biggest sunflowers so we have decided to hold our own nursery competition. Each child will plant their own sunflower at nursery and will bring home for you to grow, measure and keep us updated with your progress (please send us pictures as they grow!) Get those green fingers ready! 

You may have noticed that our staff boards and our birthday boards in both the ‘Pit stop’ and the children’s base rooms, have changed slightly. This is all to do with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) law that comes into place in May. The GDPR requires organizations to implement reasonable data protection measures to protect the personal data of consumers and employees against data loss or exposure. The requirements for complying with data protection laws is becoming much more stringent and so you will notice that the surname’s for all staff and children will no longer displayed within the nursery. We also have strict rules about timelines for keeping all personal information and must ensure that any personal details are stored in locked cupboards.  In the near future you will be receiving our updated Registration forms that will contain a copy of our privacy statement. We ask that you fill in these forms and return them to us as soon as possible.

We will soon be sending out Wrap Around forms for both our existing Kids Club children and those leaving us for school. Please fill in your p/u and d/o requirements so that we can sort our ‘run’ lists for 2018/2019 school year. Priority will be given to our existing K/C children and all other spaces filled from there. Although we would love to accommodate everyone we only have space for 16 children in our Kidz Club and we are always oversubscribed. Please return these forms ASAP.

Pull ups – The staff have approached us to discuss the use of pull ups in the baby department as several families are choosing to use them. If there is a reason for their use please discuss it with the staff and we are happy to work with you, however, if there isn’t a specific reason for their use could you please provide nappies whilst at nursery. The use of pull ups makes ‘nappy times’ a lot harder and more time consuming for the girls and as their intended purpose is for potty training they don’t tend to hold as much liquid and have been leaking. Thanks for your help
Topics – Our Little Ducklings and Tiny Turtles (Babies and Tweenies) will be looking at Nursery Rhymes and Stories. Our Busy Bees (Toddlers) are exploring colours and shapes and our Cheeky monkeys (Pre-school) will be Seizing the Season!

Many thanks
Nicola, Louise and the Lullabyz Team


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