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May 2017
May 21st, 2017 6:21 pm     A+ | a-
Can you believe it’s May already!! Time flies when you’re having fun!! We didn’t think we would have much to update you on but since starting this newsletter it has continued to grow. The children have been so busy – so here is a little light reading over a cup of tea and a biscuit!                                                                                                                                     

Nursery News


Policies and procedures – All of the nursery policies and procedures have now been updated and are available to view in the ‘Parent Pit Stop’. We are also currently translating all of our core policies in to the medium of Welsh and those, along with our nursery brochure, will be available to you very soon.                                                                                   
Questionnaires – As a rule we have always sent out staff and parental questionnaires in August, this is to aid us whilst updating our ‘Quality of Care’ and to help us set targets for the following year. CSSIW (social services) have now changed some of their own policies and now requires this information from all nurseries during the Spring Term. Please could you help us by completing the attached form and returning it to nursery as soon as possible. You are able to do this anonymously, simply place your completed form into the green ‘Parent Suggestion Box,’ which can be found next to the signing in sheets in the ‘Parent Pit Stop’. We really do love getting your feedback and suggestions as they really do help us improve our service. 
Visitors – The children continue to enjoy our outside visitors and the activities that they bring. Babies and Toddlers have fortnightly visits from Cathy at Moo Music and are mesmerised by the instruments, dancing and puppet friends Cathy brings along. Cathy provides lesson plans and song lists to the staff after each visit and they continue her work when she is not here. These lists and details of CD’s to purchase are also available to you, just ask a member of staff for a copy. Preschool are still heavily involved in Active Tot sessions, however, the staff are so confident in delivering these session now that Newport Active attend more on an advisory role, offering advice on how to develop children’s skills even further. Preschool will also be visited by Learn, Play, Grow for a taster session during the coming weeks and will offer yet another way for the staff to enhance the children’s learning experiences.
Pilot Scheme – Lullabyz has successfully been chosen to be a pilot nursery for ‘Hwb’ – which is a digital learning platform for schools and nursery’s across Wales. Some local schools are already using Hwb and parents are able to log on throughout the day using their own personal log in details to see exactly what the children have been doing. We are not entirely sure what we have signed ourselves up for but watch this space ha ha (We are such joiners!!)
Fees Just a quick reminder that as of May 1st the new fees have taken effect. Please adapt your Standing Orders as necessary. If you are unsure of your new amount please do not hesitate to ask
Funding – As you are probably all aware by now, Lullabyz’s now receives government funding for our 3-4 year old children and you will have the choice between us and a state funded nursery placement. We have put together a comprehensive explanation of what this means for any children approaching this age bracket and so if you would like a copy please let us know
Kidz@LullabyzA few parents were unable to get a space in our ‘Holiday Club’ last half term – please remember that the Kids Club can only take 16 children at one time so please book early to avoid disappointment. Next half term is from 30th May 2017 and the Summer Holidays begin on the 24th July.
We have also had several enquiries for September, in preparation for the new school year – to aid us in this process please could you fill in your requirements on the attached form and return to nursery as soon as possible    

Facebook/TwitterSeveral new parents have told us that whilst looking for nursery places they enjoyed looking at other nursery’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see photographs of activities the children were involved in. They felt that they were able to see that the children were enjoying themselves and liked checking the sites for updates. We looked into this last year and have started adding our own pictures and posts. We currently have a list of parents/children who are comfortable for us to do this using pictures of their children but if you would like to add your child’s name to the list so that you can see them involved in all the lovely activities ‘first hand,’ please let us know.
Update on our nursery guests
I am very pleased to update you on our nursery animals. The goldfish and tadpoles are doing very well. The children check our Tadpoles every day and even though they are twice the size they are yet to develop legs but we will keep you posted or maybe you will just see them bouncing around the garden ha ha. Unfortunately, when we ‘candelled’ our eggs to check on our chicks – they had not developed properly which is a very common thing but we thought we may get a couple that would make it. Nevermind, we will try again and hope that we are more successful this time.                                                                                                                                                                        
Roles and Responsibilities in the nursery – It has been sometime since we have updated you all on the responsibilities of certain members of staff in the nursery so here is the current updated information
Roles Responsible Staff
ALENCO (Additional learning needs) Nikki Cardwell, Louise Locke (Assist)
Behavioural Management Louise Touhig
Equal Opportunities Nicola Reed
Staff Liaison Officer Melissa Andrews/Zara Martin
Health and Safety Nicola Reed, Melissa Andrews
Infection Control Nicola Reed, Melissa Andrews and Georgina Martin
Welsh Rachel Kerr
Head of Foundation Phase Cory Hewitt and Nikki Cardwell
Fire Warden Cory Hewitt
Eco Schools Nikki Cardwell
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Nicola Reed
Louise Touhig, Nikki Cardwell
Nutritionist Nikki Cardwell

Sainsburys Vouchers – As you are probably aware Tuesday 2nd May was the last day that Sainsbury’s were giving out the school vouchers. Please check your purses, cars and houses for any stray tokens so that we can get a final total. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for supporting us and donating so many vouchers. We have our eye on a road safety role play set which is four and a half thousand tokens so fingers crossed
Baby News –  It won’t be long before Angharad (Toddlers) leaves us to begin her (long awaited) maternity leave. We wish her all the best and can’t wait to share the news of her little bundle with you once the time comes.                   
Wednesday 10th May – Wesak (Buddah’s Birthday) The children will enjoy this happy celebration with special foods(vegetarian), art (mandala’s and lanterns)  and charity (Helping our friends/teachers in nursery). We may even try some meditating – Mmmmmm not sure how long that will last!                                                                                                    

Friday 26th May – Ramadan – Children will be sampling some traditional Indian foods, looking at Henna tattoos and designing their own patterns, trying their hand at Bollywood dancing and trying on some traditional clothing.                                                                                                                  
Thursday 2nd June – Zoo Lab. The children will enjoy a return visit from the fascinating ZooLab team who bring in some weird and wonderful creatures for the children to meet. These visits are always a great success with the children and a talking point for the weeks that follow. So get ready for tarantualas, snakes and giant African land snails!!                 

Wednesday 14th June (5.30-7.00) -  Everyone is invited to our annual Family BBQ. Come and enjoy a great evening where you will have time to sit with staff and parents alike whilst enjoying having your tea cooked for you!!                     

Saturday 15th July – Our Annual Summer Fete – We have had great success with our fete over the last few years and have been able to purchase lot’s of equipment for the children. All monies raised go back into the nursery and enhance the children’s experiences and this year will be no different! Come and enjoy the fun. We are starting to collect items for the fete already and this is where you can help. We run a very successful ‘Wine and Water’ stall and so will be in need of any empty, screw top bottles you may have or if you are feel taking a break from the grape – we are happy to take full ones too!!  We also have a very large ‘Tombola’ and so if you have any unwanted gifts, smellies, tins etc that would be a great help. Thank you                                                                                                                                                
Leavers Party – Watch this space as a date and confirmation of what the day will entail will follow shortly. Suffice to say we will make sure that all children leaving nursery for ‘big school’ this summer will have a special day of their own.                               

Closures: The nursery will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday (29.05.16)                                                                                                               
Topics -
Our babies are enjoying colours and shapes. Our Toddlers are completing their topic on Nursery Rhymes and Stories and then will be off on a journey around the world.(Zoe has asked me to let you know that all artwork the children complete will be placed in a basket which will be available at the end of each day) And finally, our Preschool and Rising 3’s groups are looking at lifecycles and will move onto transport and holidays.

Many thanks
Nicola, Louise and the Lullabyz Team
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