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September 2019
October 14th, 2019 10:10 am     A+ | a-
Lullabyz Nursery Newsletter September 2019
It’s been another emotional summer as we’ve said goodbye to lots of our pre-school children as they head off to big school.  We have been inundated with thoughtful, messages, cards and gifts and we have warned the parents that they MUST keep in touch with us with visits and photos.
We know that many children have either moved or been having visits to their new rooms so we’re hoping that the transitions go smoothly. Staff work closely together to ensure that the moves are as stress free as possible for all involved but please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Staff changes
Louise Locke (Babies) has recently started her maternity leave and is enjoying her time with her beautiful baby Olive. Both mum and baby are doing amazing. Zoe (Toddlers) will also be starting her maternity in September in preparation for the arrival of her baby boy. Hannah will be stepping up and fulfilling Zoe’s role in her absence so your little ones are in very safe, loving hands.  We can also share the fantastic news that Angharad (Tweenies) is also expecting a baby Girl!!!  In addition to this, we welcome back Sophie and her amazing daughter Astrid who are returning to nursery after Sophie’s maternity ends in September. At this rate our lovely staff could keep us in business for years to come!!
Quality of Care
Thank you to everyone who completed a questionnaire for us. Along with questionnaires from the children and the staff, we will be using them to write our annual Quality of Care Report. The full report will be available to view in the Parent Pit-stop alongside all of the other policies and risk assessments. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed your form as yet, there is still time for you to have your say. If you are registered on our mailing list, you should have received a copy via email, if not, there are hard copies available on the main door in the ‘Parent Pit Stop’. One thing that has come up on several forms is to have less written information and to set up an electronic system, similar to those used in school. For those of you with older children you may have heard of the Class Dojo App. Class Dojo is an interactive app which can be accessed by both staff and parents. You could register for your own login password and be able to sign in and see just what your child’s room has been up to during that day through photographs, videos and personal messages. There are some major plus points to using such an app as you will get a real insight in to your child’s life at nursery. The children are involved in so many lovely activities and play throughout the day and it’s hard to tell you everything that your child has gained from each experience – this way you can see for yourself. Those of you with concerns about the internet (social media) do not have to worry, this would be a private site which can only be accessed by the nursery and those parents who decide to register, and even then, registered parents will only be able to view the group that their child attends. Obviously, if we did decide that this was the way forward we would look at stopping the daily diaries as the girls would post all this information on your personal Dojo. At the moment we are only looking into this as it seems like it has been very beneficial to those parents who have suggested it. We would be really interested to hear what you all think, so please let us know.
Nursery Changes
Well, you can’t fail to have noticed the drastic changes that have been taking place in the nursery! And you’re not the only ones. We have been documenting the changes on social media and the response from other childcare providers, educational specialists and outside agencies has been outstanding. We were even approached by the Argus, who contacted Nicola to discuss what, why and how we have transformed Lullabyz. The article is available for viewing on the Argus website as well as via a link on our facebook page – we even made the paper copy!! The nursery is so calm and the children are so engaged and enthralled by the new set up that it’s overwhelming. We are so pleased with the result as it seemed like such a risk at the time but now it’s hard to imagine it any other way. The inspiration has come from something called ‘The Curiosity Approach’. “This is modern day Approach that fits perfectly in the current changing technological times. Bringing curiosity, awe and wonder into early childhood & creating the 'thinkers & doers' of the future.” It is about providing stimulating, purposeful environments with loose parts play, which encourage the children to explore, invent and imagine. It’s about creating a ‘home from home’ and not a watered down version of a classroom/school. It has not only captured the imagination of the children but the staff too and it is really exciting for us to see and feel such a ‘buzz’ around the place. We hope that you are able to see the benefits too but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the staff or management team.
In addition to these changes we are also looking at our Kidz Club and garden. We have already started some structural changes in our Kids Cub but we are hoping to continue the Curiosity Approach over there too. We will be working with Joy and the children to see what they would like to have regarding loose parts and areas and have already had the suggestion of an electronic area where the children can take apart and rebuild old computers, clocks and radios so watch this space!
As you know the garden is in for a complete overhaul. The money we raised at this years Summer fete will go towards new planters, mud kitchen and astro turf and we are currently waiting for confirmation on a grant application to create an ‘all weather area’ sheltered from the preschool to the main gate allowing for all year round outdoor play for the entire nursery and Kids Club.
To contribute to the new ethos of the nursery we wanted to set a nursery vision. We asked the staff what was good about Lullabyz and what it meant to them and here are their responses:- “A home from home, one big happy family”; “A lead setting”; “Invested in staff wellbeing and training”; “A friendly, caring place, full of love”; “Award Winning”; “Passionate about delivering high standards”; “Full of awe and wonder”; “Always changing and improving”
Please let us know if you have any thoughts that you would like to add.
Many thanks
Nicola, Louise and the Lullabyz Team
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