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April/May 2019
April 18th, 2019 5:36 pm     A+ | a-
I don’t know about spring but I can confirm we have had plenty of April showers (even snow showers!) Let’s hope this is all leading to an amazing long, hot Summer! If the weather forecasters are to be believed there is sunshine coming our way. With this is mind can we ask that you supply a labelled sun hat and sun cream for your child when needed.  We will happily store these at nursery for you so you don’t have to keep remembering to pack them.
Here are a few dates for your Spring diary – 15.04-26.04.19 – Easter Holidays. Holiday Club spaces are very limited now so if you do need any spaces please book A.S.A.P. During this holiday we will be holding an Easter Bonnet Parade (Nursery and Holiday Club) so please get your Bonnet’s in ASAP

Wednesday 17th 4-6pm – Our resident hairdresser, Linda, will be in nursery – please book a slot as soon as possible
Friday 19th + Monday 22nd April – The Nursery will be closed  (Good Friday+ EasterMonday)
Tuesday 23rd April – St George’s Day – Children are encouraged to wear something white.Tuesday 23rd April – St George’s Day – Children are encouraged to wear something white.
Tuesday 23rd – Colorfoto will be in nursery from 1pm. If your child is not in nursery or holiday club on this day but you would like their photographs taken please see Nic/Lou to book an time slot. 
Thursday 25th – Holiday Club will be attending the EGGSTRAVAGANZA at NISVI                                                            
6th May – May Day. Nursery will be closed today.
19th May – Wesak (Buddha’s Birthday). Children will look at celebrations and how other children celebrate such occasions.
 Monday 27th May – Spring Bank Holiday. Nursery will be shut today (Half Term)
Nursery News:-  
As you may have seen on our facebook /twitter page, we recently helped the NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association) to launch the next phase of their campaign to get 0ver 25’s back into the workplace. This follows a successful attempt to provide apprenticeships and training for the Over 50’s and is a direct result of how the ‘Childcare Offer’ is helping people return to work. In attendance were members of the NDNA and two Ministers from Welsh Government, who were keen to hear all about the nursery and how beneficial the ‘Childcare Offer’ has been for our parents. (Long may it continue!!) We felt it was important for us to promote the long term benefits of this funding in the hope that when it is reviewed, the evidence is clear and the funding will be ongoing. In addition to this visit we have also been asked to host another Welsh Government  Minister, who is keen to find out more about The Foundation Phase and the support offered by the EAS (Education Achievement Service) – Lullabyz is obviously the place to go!! If your child is eligible for the 30 hours funding after the Easter holidays, please speak to Nic A.S.A.P to make sure she has all the information/documentation she needs to apply for the educational funding attached to the Childcare offer.                                                                                                                                                                                        
Our Pre-school Mother’s Day afternoon tea was a great success and it was lovely to see so many mums here, we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did. The children are becoming more and more independent and loved preparing your sandwiches and cakes. We’ve realised that the more the children are involved and encouraged to help themselves, the better they are at both eating familiar foods and trying new foods and so the Preschool staff have made the decision to encourage this even more. Preschool now dish up their own meals – before they sit down for lunch, they collect their own knives and forks, cups and plates. They then take it in turns to serve themselves their meals. To our surprise they are choosing to eat foods that they would usually push around their plates. They are serving appropriate portions and returning for seconds if they wish and so we are seeing lots of satisfied appetites.                      
Thanks to your continued support and recommendations, our baby rooms are now completely full. We have no space until September and actually there are only a few spaces available after that, so if you, or anyone you know is hoping to get a space before Christmas it is essential that you book in as soon as possible. In relation to this, the nursery is so busy at the moment that it makes it difficult for us to be flexible – we will continue to do our utmost to swap days and Bank Holidays wherever possible, however, as you can tell this is becoming more and more difficult and we are not always able to offer you a different slot. If you could all keep us updated about when your child will be off nursery i.e. holidays, days out etc it will allow us to offer these spaces and help as many ofyouspossible. I’m beginning to think that our staff are trying to fill the nursery all on their own as I have the pleasure of letting you know that Lou (babies) is expecting her second baby girl!!!! We wish her all the best and can’t wait to meet the next baby Locke xx 
We have recently updated our ‘policies and procedures’. These are available for you to read at anytime and are kept in the ‘Parent Pit Stop’
Fees – As you know, it is around this time of year that fees increase slightly to cover outgoings, pensions and minimum wage rises etc, however, you will be pleased to hear we are hoping to delay this increase. The Government are (for a trial period only at this point) cutting business rates for nurseries and we are hoping that the savings we make will go towards covering some of the increase in expenditure. We want to continue to provide you with the highest care without compromising the quality of your home life. We will keep you informed.
Parking – You may have seen our facebook page recently where we were approached by one of the neighbours about the way parents are parking outside of the nursery. It is something that we have mentioned before but this week I saw with my own eyes just how bad the situation is and can completely understand why the gentleman in question was so annoyed. 3 cars were literally left in the middle of the road and causing chaos to both the residents and passing traffic. We are very aware that spaces are limited at certain times of the day (especially when the dance school is open as well) however, this does not mean that we can simply abandon our cars wherever we want. Please be patient and wait for one of the countless parking bays opposite the nursery or for someone to leave the nursery car park. The busiest times are between 8.00-8.30, 12.30-1.00, 3.45-4.15 and 5.00-5.30. If your d/o or P/U around these times please allow an extra few minutes in case you have to wait. We are going to be much more vigilant around these times too as we cannot afford to upset the local residents. As a business we were only allowed to register because of the ample parking bays around the nursery and the little disruption it would cause the community, if this is no longer the case we will have major problems. Thank you for your help with this matter.
We will soon be sending out Wrap Around forms for both our existing Kids Club children and those leaving us for school. Please fill in your p/u and d/o requirements so that we can sort our ‘run’ lists for 2019/2020 school year. Priority will be given to our existing K/C children and all other spaces filled from there. Although we would love to accommodate everyone we only have space for 16 children in our Kidz Club and we are always oversubscribed. Please return these forms ASAP.
One of our Preschool children has recently been diagnosed with quite a severe allergy to horse hair. She has an emergency Epi-pen here to deal with any bad reactions but in order to minimise the risk could you please let us know if you keep or work with horses and/or if your child is exposed to horses. This way we can ensure that no immediate contact is made during play and d/o and p/u times. Thank you for your help.

Many thanks
Nicola, Louise and the Lullabyz Team                                                                                                                                                                                              




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