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Sept - Oct 2016
May 21st, 2017 6:06 pm     A+ | a-
Well all of our children have settled well in to their new rooms, nurseries and schools - all that worry and yet again the
children are the ones who take it in their stride (even if they are a little tired!!). We hope you are happy with the children’s
new rooms and routines but if you have any concerns please come and speak to us.
Nursery News :
Firstly, welcome back to Sophie after her maternity leave! She is getting stuck in to life in Preschool once again and we’re
really pleased to have her back and also to our new addition, her beautiful daughter, Heidi, who has taken to babies like a
duck to water.
We have had a fantastic summer and the nursery is busier than ever, so this is a good opportunity to remind you that if
you are looking to register siblings or change days etc then the sooner you do it the better. We are turning people away on a daily basis and we have had more than a few disappointed parents over the last few weeks. The numbers are very limited well in to 2017!!                                                                                                                                                               
To try and alleviate some of the pressure on the nursery we are currently looking at ways to expand our Kidz Club. We
have a couple of options including increasing the size of the existing building, ‘Kidz@Lullabyz’, and/or extending the nursery
building to incorporate a ‘Reception’ room for our younger school children. We will keep you posted.
Quality of CareThank you so much for completing your questionnaires, they really have helped us to demonstrate what
our nursery does well and areas that we can improve upon. The Quality of Care report has been completed and with your
feedback and the staff and children’s ideas we have set out an Action Plan for 2016-2017. The main focus for this year is
the Improvement in the delivery of the Foundation Phase. With Lullabyz receiving the funding for three year olds (from
January) we want to be sure that your children are receiving the best possible standard of education and that you feel
confident that you have made the right decision by keeping your child at Lullabyz. The plan also includes the expansion of
Kidz@Lullabyz and the continuation of staff and peer observations. Both of these documents are available for you to see in the Parent Pit Stop.                                                                                                                                      
Feedback:-: From your questionnaires we were given a few suggestions on how we could improve our service. Thank you
for this, your thoughts and ideas are always appreciatedJ. All suggestions and how we have responded are now displayed on our Parent Notice Board in the Pit-stop. We would, however, like to highlight a safety issue that was brought up by some parents - and that is the speed at which some cars drive in and out of the car park! Please remember that children, parents and staff are walking through this car park at all times throughout the day. The entrance is also situated on a tricky corner and it is not always clear what direction some cars are going to take. In addition, when leaving the car park area, not everyone walking past checks the gates for cars and sometimes cross without a glance. The last thing any of us want is someone getting hurt so please be aware of the dangers and adjust your speed accordingly. Thank you.
Grants:- After completing the Quality of Care report, we also realised that we do not have a sufficient amount of multi
cultural resources and so we have applied for a grant in order to rectify this. The closing date for application is Friday 16th
September and so we should hear back from them pretty quickly. Watch this space we will keep you posted!
BIRTHDAY!!! - October 1st is Lullabyz 4th Birthday, how time flies when you’re having fun! We will be having a little tea
party (Monday 3rd Sept) with the children to celebrate - and of course, there will be cake. Thank you to everyone for
choosing Lullabyz and making us the successful nursery that we have become. We couldn’t do it without your help and
Website - Lullabyz website is being updated at the moment, our old site was difficult to access and so we are hoping that
this new version will be much more user friendly and contain up to date photographs, newsletters and notices. The hope is
that both our existing families and anyone interested in the nursery will be able to access all the information, pictures,
updates and exciting things going on at Lullabyz. It will also contain an area for testimonials, where anyone can have their
say on what they think of the nursery. Some parents have already sent some in and you won’t be surprised to hear that
they brought a tear to our eye. Thank you so much we really do appreciate you taking the time to have your say and also
for the lovely things that you have said. We will let you know as soon as it is up and running.
Nursery Notices:-
Fete Money - Yet again your support for the fete was incredible, the turnout and the funds raised were amazing!! Once all of our expenses were taken out we made about £700.00 so thank you so much. As always the money goes straight back in to the nursery and we were able to purchase a soft play, ball pit and an incredible outdoor climbing frame with safety flooring. The climbing frame is currently under construction so keep an eye on our Facebook page and once it has been complete we will post some pictures. The children cannot wait!!!!
ColorFoto:-  ColorFoto are scheduled to return in Oct half term. The photographer will be here from 1.30 on the 27th Oct. If your child is not in nursery on this day and you would like to have their photographs taken please see Nic/Lou to book a time slot.
Children In Need - We will be helping to raise money for Children in Need by holding a ‘Pyjama Party’ in nursery. We are
not sure of the date as yet but we will let you know A.S.A.P
Telephone numbers - Could you please let us know of any changes to the phone numbers we have on file so that we can ensure we are able to contact you if needed. We have had a couple of incidences lately where numbers have been changed and we haven’t been able to pass on essential information.
Reminders:-  Please don’t forget to label all of your child’s belongings - we do our best to keep them safe but it would be a massive help to us if clothing, hats, toys etc came labelled with your child’s name. Thank you.
Can I also remind parents that this is a non smoking establishment and that includes the car park area. Please refrain from
smoking until you are clear of the gates. Thank you.
Germs:- It’s that time of year again - the colds and coughs will soon be upon us. We just wanted to remind you of the
nursery’s policy on medicines and the incubation periods for some of the bugs the children pick up.The only un-prescribed medicines we will administer (and only with parental permission) are Calpol and Piriton. If your child is prescribed medication you must bring it to nursery with the label, clearly displaying your child’s name and amount and frequency of dosage. If your child has a sickness bug, they should not return to nursery until they have been clear for 48hrs, this time period is also used for diarrhoea. If your child contracts hand, foot and mouth there will be a three day incubation period and for conjunctivitis there is no incubation but your child must be receiving treatment (i.e.drops) for at least 24 hours before they return.
Our Babies are currently getting messy with lots of transport activities which will be followed by some seasonal art and craft
activities - looking at Harvest and Autumn. Toddlers have just finished travelling ‘Around Space’ and are now also
investigating Autumn and Harvest. Our Rising 3 and Preschool group are heavily involved in their favourite topic - All about
Me!! And they too will be investigating how our weather will be changing and all aspects of Autumn..
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