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Sept - Oct 2016
May 21st, 2017 6:06 pm
Well all of our children have settled well in to their new rooms, nurseries and schools - all that worry and yet again the
children are the ones who take it in their stride (even if they are a little tired!!). We hope you are happy with the children’s
new rooms and routines but if you have any concerns please come and speak to us.
Nursery News :
Firstly, welcome back to Sophie after her maternity leave! She is getting stuck in to life in Preschool once again and we’re
really pleased to have her back and also to our new addition, her beautiful daughter, Heidi, who has taken to babies like a
duck to water.
We have had a fantastic summer and the nursery is busier than ever, so this is a good opportunity to remind you that if
you are looking to register siblings or change days etc then the sooner you do it the better. We are turning people away on a daily basis and we have had more than a few disappointed parents over the last few weeks. The n...
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