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Depending on the age of your child we ask that you supply the following things for your child. It would be appreciated if you could send them in a labelled bag:

Nappies (5 for a full day, 3 for a half day)
Formula/breast milk (if required)
A comforter (if required)
A change of clothes (several if potty training)
A pair of wellies and suitable outdoor clothing (Autumn and Winter)
Sun cream and a sun hat (Spring and Summer)

Please be aware that the children will often be involved in messy activities and their clothes may get dirty or damaged. Please remember this when dressing them. We do provide aprons but these are often not enough!
Our fees are set at the following rates:

Lullabyz Nursery
Full day (8am - 6pm):         
Full week:         
AM Session (8am - 1pm):
PM Session (1pm - 6pm):

Breakfast Club:         
After-school Club:         
Holiday Club (AM):         
Holiday Club (PM):               
   (full day):                   

State Nursery Wrap Around
AM Session:        
PM Session:         
Menus are rotated on a three weekly basis and a copy of our menu is available in the Pit-stop. All of our food is prepared fresh on the premises and we aim to provide the children with their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables within a full day. The menu is reviewed annually by our nutritionist and the nursery cook

The children who attend Kidz@Lullabyz during the school holidays are offered a healthy lunch box alternative to a cooked dinner. This includes: sandwiches, a piece of fruit, raisins and a yoghurt.
Arrivals and departures between your booked times are at your discretion. The front door is kept secured at all times. Please ring the doorbell and you will be welcomed by a member of our management team. Children 0-2 years are based on the first floor and we would ask parents to proceed directly upstairs. Here there is a security door with a viewing panel. Please ring the bell and a member of the baby unit will let you in. If your child is over 2 they will be based on the ground floor. Here there is a waiting room for your convenience but you are welcome to accompany your child to their base room.

Please inform us if someone different is collecting your child. The nominated person will be asked to give details of your chosen password. Nursery staff will not allow your child to leave with an unauthorised person until your permission has been obtained. All collectors must be over the age of 16 years.
You are encouraged to visit the nursery with your child prior to starting. We offer ‘settling in’ sessions, during which you can discuss your child’s needs with staff, complete an ‘All About Me’ and leave your child to settle for a short time once you are comfortable. By completing your child’s Admission Form you will be providing us with the information we need to enable us to take the best care of your child and help with their transition to nursery. You are welcome to telephone the nursery at any time to check on their progress.
If your child is unwell please do not send them to nursery until they are better. With so many children, illnesses and infections spread very quickly. If your child becomes ill during the day, the nursery staff will contact you to decide the best course of action. We may ask that your child is taken home and kept away from nursery for the duration of the illness.
Nursery Owner and Manager: Nicola Reed (BA (Hons) with QTS)
Nursery Manager: Louise Touhig (BA (Hons) with QTS)

We are committed to hiring high-quality staff to maintain the high standards that we set ourselves at Lullabyz. All staff have an NVQ Level 2 or 3 in childcare (or equivalent) or are working towards achieving this. We are dedicated to providing Continuous Professional Development to ensure that our staff provide the highest quality of care.
Extra hour: £5.00. All fees are payable monthly, in advance, on the 1st of the month. Fees paid after the 5th of the month will incur a £10 penalty charge.

A charge of £5 per child will be made for any late collection after booked finishing time. A £5 charge will be made for every 15 minutes (or part thereof) after 30 minutes of non-collection.
The nursery is closed on Bank Holidays but these are payable in full. If the nursery is closed for any other reason there is no charge. Half fees are payable for holidays of up to two weeks, where at least two weeks notice is given. This does not apply to parents who have flexible arrangements.

A 10% discount is given to siblings attending the nursery together. Notice should be given, in writing, one month in advance. Any parent failing to give notice will still have to pay for the time the child does not attend.
£42.50 (includes breakfast, dinner, mid-afternoon snack and tea)

£24.00 (includes breakfast and dinner)
£24.00 (includes mid-afternoon snack and tea)
£5.00 (walking to school)         £7.00 (driven to school)
£10.00 (walking from school)     £12.00 (driven from school)
£14.00 (includes breakfast and dinner/healthy lunch box)
£14.00 (includes mid-afternoon snack and tea)
£27.50 (includes breakfast, dinner/healthy lunch box, mid-afternoon snack and tea)
£24.00 (walking to nursery)      £26.00 (driven to nursery)
£29.00 (walking from nursery)  £31.00 (driven from nursery)
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